Sound Recordist and Sound Designer

 UK Phone: +447908833973


About Me

Sound for film its my passion: You've been planning for months, agonising over each detail before filming only to get to the end of the project and realise the words are unintelligible or the film sounds just plain bad. This doesn't need to be the case.

Your story deserves to be heard loud and clear. As a sound mixer for Film and TV I love to make sure your vision sounds as good as possible. I have worked on films of all sizes from epic thrillers & national ad campaigns, to quirky shorts and web series and delivered great quality sound that they can trust will make people listen.

I cover both production and post-production sound and I am happy to take a project all the way through from the first recce to the final mix. I strive to put actors and clients at ease in by maintaining a calm and friendly attitude and take the right safety precautions so people feel secure.

I am based in Leicester and the East Midlands but I love to travel so if you have a project let me know I will try my best to make it work. You can check out my showreel and credits here.

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