Booming bigger than life. The Fisher Boom


The Fisher Boom

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to be taught how to use a fisher boom. To those not aware these are giant mechanical booms that a microphone can be attached onto.

They are incredibly useful in a studio as you have very precise control of the microphones movement and an incredibly long reach, so as long as you have enough space and dont need to change location or run and gun it, this is by far the best solution. The best bit, is no handling noise.

I was over at the SoundPro event in Ealing, London where they had a fisher boom and instructors to teach people how to use one.

 Fisher boom

360° control

I was thoroughly surprised at just how versatile they really are. You have a full 360° rotation of the microphone as seen in the picture below and 110° tilt whilst being able to extend the boom further than you could ever need to. This would be impossible on a regular boom pole.

It is sad that the fisher boom seems to be in decline as its truly an incredible experience and offers a level of control that would make such a difference to the quality of almost every production. Unfortunately other than the size, the cost of using one is just too high for the majority of productions to consider.

I am really happy to have had the experience as its something that is rare these days, and I honestly hope to be able to bring one onto a production in the future.

Fisher Boom

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